Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Amy Davis Sexy Photo's

Amy Davis Photos

It seems that American Idol hopeful Amy Davis has some sexy photo's floating around the Internet. What some people don't know is that Amy Davis was, or is, a model.

Here are just a few sexy photos of Amy Davis.

This has to be one of my favorite Amy Davis photos. Anytime I see a Amy Davis bikini photo, it's a good photo!

amy davis bikini photo

Here's another one of Amy Davis' sexy photos. This the sultry "come hither" look of Amy's.

amy davis bikini pic

Nice sultry, wanting to be a bad girl, look of Amy Davis'. Love that low cut top Amy!
amy davis sexy photo
Stay tuned for more Amy Davis photo gallery pictures!
We can only hope that Amy Davis shoes up during American Idol Season 8 on Fox!
Most everyone thinks she did an outstanding job on last years American Idol. After she was voted off, her career has been up and down. I'm betting that she could make a very good living at modeling judging by these pictures. We hope to see more and more of Amy!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Will The Real Carly Smithson Step Forward?

carly smithsonWhich Carly Smithson will show up on American Idol? The Carly Smithson that auditioned in San Diego this year after being disqualified two years ago due to visa problems or Carly Hennessy, the Singer who had a major record deal with MCA, had cut an Album and was still allowed to audition for American Idol?

When we saw Carly Smithson at the American Idol, she was crying saying this was going to be her year. American Idol was sure to show us how well she did two years ago in Las Vegas only to be disqualified because of problems surround this Irish Girls visa.

Don't get me wrong, Carly Smithson is one hot Irish Girl (well, I could do without the Tramp Stamps on her right arm) but American Idol has always projected itself as the show that discovers fresh NEW talent, not failed performers. Which, it seems, Season 7's final 24 is full of failed performers who've had previous record deals and/or professional performances.

One of the things many American Idol viewers are steamed about is the fact that she changed her name from Carly Hennessy to Carly Smithson just prior to the San Diego auditions. Even though Carly Smithson is her married name.

They're also miffed at the fact that American Idol had to know about Carly Hennessy long before she audtioned at San Diego. Why? Because Kelly Clarkson sang one of her song on her debut album!

This controversy with american idol and carly smithson isn't likely to be over anytime soon.