Monday, February 16, 2009

American Idol Axes Osmond Kid

With all the semi pro talent on this years American Idol, I was sure the Osmond kid would make it. I mean, it's not like he came from no where! I was shocked that his family let him do the audition though. Simply because they have to know what the contract for American Idol contestants says and how it would have held him hostage for many years to come, and it probably still will since he auditioned for them.

I did wonder if the Osmond's did it to get him some publicity. Perhaps they made a deal with the Producers to get him a little PR but yet cut him before the main part of the show got rolling?

Who knows.

I though he did a wonderful job and was much better than a lot of the other Yahoo's on there. I mean, at least the kid could hold a note and it's not like he needs to go out and get a voice coach. I'm sure he could find someone in the family to give him a few pointers.

Well for what ever reason, he's gone. But I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up with his own album one day, we'll have to wait and see. Who know's who the next Osmond will be that shows up on American Idol.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ABC Puts Ugly Betty On Hold

ABC is putting Ugly Betty on hold. Is this because of the economy? No. Sources say it's because of lower ratings! Ha, imagine that! For the life of me, I can't understand how this show made it as far as it has.

Apparently the teenage girl demographic is not quite as profitable as once thought. This show is geared toward these kids and now they're not even watching this stupid show.

And let's face it, when the main star's name is America Ferrera, you don't hold out much hope for a long running TV show. Okay, she's hot, kind of, but I was never crazy about her acting, err, should I say the lack of it. She's just another number to the list of celebrities that were one shot wonders.

Two more equally stupid and not as funny as they think they are, Scrubs and Better Off Ted are to takes it place.

Oh well, such is life in Hollyweird. America Ferrera had no clue that the show had been put on hold at the SAG event. She went on about how well the show is doing and tried to give some spoilers away. Things like there would be a love connection between a main player on the show and that one main character (how many main characters do the have?) would turn evil. She said it would be one no one expected.

Oh, let's hope it get's canned before we have to set through that!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brad and Angelina Snub Ryan Seacrest

Did anyone see Brad and Angelina snub Ryan Seacrest? I thought it was freakin' hilarious. What happened was that Ryan went down to the Red Carpet to pester...err interview...some of the Stars at the Golden Globe Ceremony and try to dig up some Hollywood gossip.

Well, he tried to bully his way up to Brad and Angelina. He hollered "Brad, Angelina!" and they brushed by him like he wasn't even there. LOL!

I've always said that Ryan Seacrest thinks he's more important than he is. You can tell it by his actions on American Idol. But at the end of the day, he's just a short wannabe Star in L.A.

In fact, if it wasn't for American Idol, I'm sure he'd be serving up food to people in a Cafe somewhere or washing their cars. The kids got no talent whatsoever.

Not that I'm all loving Brad and Angelina, because anyone who knows me knows that they are not my favorite people either. They're just a couple over rated star celebs that like the lime light. But snubbin' Seacrest is a good move in the right direction if you want to get on my good side.

I believe that Seacrest is still a little hot over the last time Angelina snubbed him. He threw a little hissy fit after he asked "So Angelina, what did you feed the kids this morning", to which she replied "We made cereal".

Like it was any of his business. He later said on his Radio show that she was a little snobbish.

Come to find out, she was dealin' with her Mother who was on her death bed.

Yeah, great characterisation there Seacrest!