Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer Hook Up

Well it looks like Jennifer Aniston has landed her a bad boy. She's been spotted with John Mayer. One has to ask though, since John Mayer has publicly stated that his first love is his music and guitar, will Jennifer Aniston be comfortable taking a back seat to the other two?

It seems that Jennifer just can't help herself for falling for guys who'll dump her or cheat on her.

Jenn, darling, call me, we have to talk!

But hey, you have to give it to Jennifer, she went for a younger man this time. What's up with that Jennifer dear?

And of course, there is that little issue with Wealthy Gossip reporting that she had a profile on with some steamy photo's. Is John Mayer one of those responding?

Personally I have trouble believing the story, but who knows. This is Hollywood, err, I mean Hollyweird where anything goes. Good Luck with your boy toy Jennifer Aniston!

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