Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sharon Stone Says China Earthquake Result of Karma

How does one little fiesty blonde piss off an entire nation? Well, that's exactly what actress Sharon Stone has done. Sharon has managed to piss of China with a remark she made in an interview.

Sharon said that perhaps the Chinese Earthquake was a result of how the Chinese Government was treating the Tibetians.

You have to hand it to her, it does kinda make sense.

Sharon went on to say that when you treat people mean, bad things can happen to you. Yep, that's Karma Sharon!

What I find more amazing, is all the YouTube people (mostly Chinese) who are pissed at her for suggesting this. C'mon people. I'm betting that most of you have thought the same thing once or twice. Sharon just had the gonads to say it!

Movie theaters in China are pulling her movies and refusing to show them when they do come out. Hey, that's not entirely different from the Movie theaters elsewhere! Everyone else just does it for a different reason (Sharon Stone? who's that??)

There's also the little saying of "The truth hurts". Hey China, get over it.

Now I'm no karma guru, nor am I a Chinese Earthquake guru. But I find it coincendental that the earthquake just "happened" after all the fuss over the way China is treating Tibet.

You also can't truss the Chinese media since it's ran by the Chinese Government. So how many people do you think were really killed or hurt? I imagine a lot less than what they're saying. I'm betting the Chinese Government will play this for all it's worth to take the spotlight off of them and the way they treat Tibet.

Karma? If so, I'd say this isn't the end of karma for China! Sharon Stone may have more to say about this later.

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