Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Danny Devito Protest Being Called A Drunk

A Socialites Life has a good blog about Danny Devito, the Boss of the classic cult TV series 'Taxi', being upset that everyone is calling him a drunk after his appearance on The View.

Danny DeVito says his wacky appearance on "The View" was the result of being "groggy" after a wild night with George Clooney ... not because he was drunk. The funnyman appeared to be wasted during the chat show, which included a rant against President Bush -- much of which was bleeped out by censors. He also cursed the "seven limoncellos" he drank the previous night. In his first TV appearance since the incident, DeVito tried to clear up the situation last night on CNBC's "Conversations with Michael Eisner," telling the media mogul, "I was funny ... I was a little groggy ... I was joking, that was a joke." Ah, c'mon, that's a little Mickey Mouse. Danny added, "The media is a little bit cuckoo." And thanks for making it so, Danny!

No Danny, I don't think it's the media who's a little bit cuckoo, I think it's the guy you shave with! Heck, the next thing we'll see out of this little short fat man is him hopped up on drugs to grow taller! Then, perhaps him and Arnie will be real Twins!


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