Thursday, November 30, 2006

Danny Devito Hammered On "The View" has an article about Danny Devito being hammered on the set of "The View." They also have a video of the episode which I'm sure you'll find amusing.

Once again, these Hollyweird types are providing me more stories than I can keep up with!

Danny told the girls on "The View" that him and George Clooney had been out the night before doing a little guy bonding. Apparently Danny can't hold his liquor and didn't get any sleep before showing up for the taping of "The View."

He also went on to recount a story about how his wife, Rhea Perlman, and him had "broke in" the Lincoln Bedroom when staying overnite at the invitation of President Clinton. (Oh Gosh, someone burn my eyes out with a white hot poker to get that image out of my head...please!)

I'm sure Clinton will be adding this story to his long list of Memoirs as President.

Devito also went on to do a Three Stooges routine about President Bush.

At least one member of "The View" didn't find anything amusing with him showing up stoned. It's reported that Barbara Walters glared at Danny while he was going through his drunken antics while Joy and Rosie busted a gut over it. That doesn't surprise anyone I'm sure. They need to get a crash course on how to help an alcoholic.

It's also reported that Danny's rep told that Devito wanted Barbara's personal phone number so he could tell her "what needs to be said".

Yeah right Danny boy!


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