Wednesday, November 15, 2006

K-Fed To Sell Britney Spears Sex Tape for 50 Million

Seems K-Fed is in negotiations to sell a Tony Harding type sex tape of him and Britney Spears on their Honeymoon for 50 million.

Britney Spears is reported to be fearing the release of this tape. Gee, do you think Britney? Althought I'm not sure how much it could "hurt" her. Maybe embarrass her but hurt her? Britney, darling, I'd say you've pretty much "hurt" yourself way more than any honeymoon sex tape could hurt you. What? You afraid of what people might say?

Of course, if it's a "short" tape, it could be K-Fed who is embarassed!

By browsing the forums, I see some people who feel sorry for Britney Spears while others feel sorry for K-Fed. I wondered what was going through her mind when she "stole" K-Fed away from his pregnant girlfriend. Perhaps Britney Spears is experiencing karma?

One thing is for sure, if K-Fed sells the sex tape for 50 million, then Britney Spears will sue K-Fed and receive 50% of the proceeds. Better ask for 100 million K-Fed if you want to Net 50 million!


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