Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snoop Dogg Arrested On Gun and Drug Charges

Snoop Dogg is back in the light again, the light of law that is. The 35-year-old rapper was arrested near Los Angeles on Tuesday on weapons and narcotics charges after taping a performance at "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." (that may have been the real reason he was arrested=)

In October, police arrested Snoop Dogg at Burbank Airport after they found a gun and marijuana in his car. (apparently he never received the memo about Airport security) He was booked and released on $35,000 bail pending a hearing on December 12. That should be an interesting hearing to say the least.

Earlier this month, he was in trouble again for trying to take a baton onto an airplane. (someone really needs to shoot him the memo on Airport security) He posted a $150,000 bail in that instance and was released.

Snoop Dogg's rap sheet includes past convictions for drug possession and an aquital on murder charges. Isn't it hard to believe a rapper would have such things in his past?

Shmizzle the dizzle if ya can't skizzle the mizzle while chillin' with the Lenoizzle.


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